One of our first goals in working with you is to help you create your own Personal Yoga Plan.  This plan will be very important as you embark on your journey into greater wellness.  Group class is fun.  However, it may not be effectively or efficiently helping you move towards balance if you are unaware of your current structural alignment and the way each pose can affect you. 

To create your own Personal Yoga Plan, we start with a postural assessment & goal setting.  Possible goals include joint and muscle strengthening, increased range of motion, structural realignment, improvement of balance, increased breath capacity, stress reduction, weight management, pain reduction and more. 

The average plan consists of 15 minutes of exercises that can be done 3 to 5 times per week in order to move efficiently towards your wellness goals.
  Afterwards, you may practice your personal yoga plan with whatever time you have before or after group class & at home.  You will likely find you get more out of group classes once you have a clearer understanding of what your personal goals are and how to use yoga to meet them.

60 minute sessions are available for $45.  Please contact Lori to schedule your appointment and with any questions you may have.