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My work on a lexicon of Mediterranean nautical terms was begun, unfortunately, before the days of convenient personal computing, so my findings are, for now, confined to cards. The index to my card-file is a working document. The English terms following the headwords refer to the headword entries in which the Mediterranean term occurs: they are not, in every case, definitions. Many headwords (in bold) are truncated. The index was designed for my use only, but it may occasionally be of help to others. For the complete index, see the attached PDF.

bolin bowline, closehauled, cringle, full and by, haul the wind, leechline, orza davanti, ply, plyer

bolinga topmast, topsail

bolis buoy3, mark

bollard knighthead

bollon bolt

bolme bulkhead

bols exchange

bolson camber

bolt belay, to bitt, hitch

bolum merchandise2, sail/lateen (parts)

bolzon camber, sheer

bom boom

bomb cotton1

bomb pump1, waterspout

bombord portside1, to tack (misc.)

bomboris bowsprit

bomeria bottomry

bompres bowsprit

bon doubling

bon good & sufficient, rower/paid, tack (of course)2

bonac bonanza, calm2

bonan bonanza

bonas bonanza

bonaz calm2

bonec bitts, booms

bone bonnet, studdingsail

bonne rower/paid

bonneau buoy4

bonnett bonnet, lace, studdingsail

bor fid

bor gust, north, northeast, squall1, wind/north1

borb gust

borbolet wing and wing

borbor dredge, mud

borchiar springline

borcun knee1

bord abeam, aboard, alongside, approach, beam, to board1, carvel work, ceiling1, clinker, coaming, coast4, cruise, flat in, foot (sail), freeboard, gunwale, haul taut1, list, lopsided, to luff, oars/ship, off and on, overboard, plank4, planking, ply, plyer, push off, sheathing, shore/prop3, side2, stake/sheer, tack (of course)2, to tack3, tacks/haul aboard, washboard, watch

borda mainsail2, sail/lateen, sail/lateen (parts), sails

bordel bordello

bordon careening outrigger, spar

borel fid

borin bowline, closehauled, haul the wind, leechline

born mooring post, swing

boroa channel, straits2

boros earing, roband

borra stuff

borriquete topsail

bors exchange

bortun tier

borus earing, roband

borz side2

bos avast2, bight, cathead, -stopper, cringle, nipper, painter, springline, stopper, shank-painter, sling (of yard), stopper1

bosman boatswain

bosseman boatswain

bosset block, orza davanti

bossoir anchor/best/bower, bow/on the, cathead, lookout

bossol compass1, bushel

bosson camber, sheer

bot boat2

bot barrel2, bottle1, cooper, frame/in, tonnage

bot boom3, botar, bow, caulking tools, launching wedge

botafion earing

botalo beak, boom/jib, spreader, sprit

botament tide/spring

botão seizing

botavara sprit

botecadura chainplate, chainwale

botic storeroom6

botij mouse

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Jan 11, 2012, 8:55 AM