Post date: Aug 25, 2014 12:44:31 AM

The 2020-2021 Leadership positions

EC/CRO (ACS Emergency Communications Coordinator and RACES Chief Radio Officer)

Patrick Dirks, N6PWD (pwd@mac.com, 408-...-....)

AEC/ARO (ACS Assistant Emergency Communications Coordinators and RACES Assistant Radio Officers)

Peter L Hertan, K6PLH (Digital Library Officer)

Gregg Kerlin, KM6CLI (Analog Membership Officer)

Juval Lowy, KK6YZS (Digital Innovation Officer)

Clay Couger, WC6YJ (Analog Safety Officer)

Matthew Hudes, N6XJL (Digital Planning Officer)

Klaus Schumann, KK6EBL (Analog Engineering Officer)

Jeff Miller, AJ6LG (Digital Comms Officer)

Brian Whitaker, (Analog Antennas Officer)