Hands On Training for Voice Communication (HOT Voice)

December 15, 2018 HOT Class (last time it was offered)

The Objectives of the Class were to:

1. help you select a ham radio if you either don't yet have one and are considering buying a new one

2. learn how to use your ham radio

3. program your ham radio for the stations we use in Santa Clara County for Emergency Communications

4. get some practice on-the-air in both Simplex mode (direct person-to-person) and Duplex mode (using a repeater)

5. learn the on-the-air protocol used in Emergency Communications

6. learn how to participate in a Directed Net (controlled by a Net Control person)

The next class will be held at the LG/MS EOC (15900 Los Gatos Blvd) from 1:00pm to 4:00pm on Saturday: tbd

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The slides for the December 15, 2018 HOT class are downloadable below as a PDF.