Local Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Nets

Repeater: W6PIY-2 (2 meter band)

Frequency: 147.390 MHz (the Listening/Receive frequency)

Offset: + (that is, transmit frequency is 147.990MHz)

CTCSS/PL: 151.4 Hz

Time: Sun, 8:30p

Mon, 8:00p

Tue, 7:30p

One of our members functions as "Net Control" having volunteered to do so in advance. Another is the Scribe, keeping track of the Callsigns and names of those who have checked-in. She/he follows the applicable Weekly Check-in Scripts. A third, on Tuesday is the Reporter who reports the total for the prior period to the SVECS Net on Tuesday, at 8:00p on AA6BT (146.115MHz, + offset, 100.0Hz).

After a few introductory comments, the Net Control person announces that she (or he) will now take all check-ins. Those who wish to check-in are asked to give their:

- (first) name

- amateur license call sign

- Neighborhood (or City if not LG/MS)

Check-in is done by individuals at random. Wait for no one else to be transmitting and then "jump in". Of course, occasionally two or more people may try to transmit at once, which results in "collisions" and retries. But, you'll get the "hang" of it quickly. Each person's check-in is acknowledged immediately after their check-in so you will know if you were successfully heard.

We typically have between 8 and 12 members check-in any one evening. We' done in about 5-10 minutes.

SVECS (Silicon Valley Emergency Communications Service)

If you haven't checked-in to one of the Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Check-ins by Tuesday at 7:30p (within the prior 6 days) there is an opportunity to check-in to the weekly Santa Clara County ARES-RACES Net conducted by SVECS that takes place starting at 8:00pm on the County Resource Repeater (AA6BT, 146.115MHz, + offset, 100.0Hz CTCSS/PL).

The SVECS Net Control person will ask for the check-in count for each city in turn, and then invite Late check-ins for each city following the report of the check-in count done by the city. Each of the eleven Santa Clara County ARES-RACES groups takes turn (weekly) performing the County Net Control function. Those groups are: NASA Ames, Campbell, Cupertino, Los Gatos/Monte Sereno, Milpitas, San Jose, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Sunnyvale, South Santa Clara County (Morgan Hill/Gilroy), and San Benito County.

Those who want help practicing the skill to check-in to the SVECS Net can either just try it, or join some of us using the ham radio equipment at the Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Operations Building (15900 Los Gatos Blvd) Emergency Operations Center). Let us know if you'd like to use the ham radios at the Police Operations Center. We welcome "newbies" in-person or over the air.

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