Camp Information

Please read carefully

Dear Camp Parent,

We are very excited that your child will be joining us for camp at the Living Coast Discovery Center!

Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the following information, including our procedural changes due to COVID19. This will help ensure the best possible experience for you and your child. Please read carefully as there is important information within this page.

You can select your camp title from the navigation bar on the top to find camp-specific waivers, information about daily activities, and review additional COVID-19 protocols.

Check-in/check-out process:

This year, parents will drive their campers in to the front circle of the Living Coast Discovery Center and drop off and pick up just outside of the building. Camp staff will open the vehicular gate after verifying you are here for camp and the coordinator will check in your camper from your vehicle. Parents will remain in their vehicle throughout the process.

Directions: Living Coast Discovery Center is located at 1000 Gunpowder Point Drive, Chula Vista 91910. From Interstate 5, take the E Street exit in Chula Vista and go west. Follow the road to the roundabout and make the first right towards the RV resort and then turn Left. Continue past the "No Public Access" signs to the right until you see the vehicle gate. A staff member will meet you here with directions on accessing the refuge and guide you to the front circle.

Check-in: Upon arriving to the front circle, the camp coordinator will greet parents/guardians at their vehicles. Parents/Guardians are required to sign each child in with the camp coordinator. Campers will be health screened and temperature checked before exiting the vehicles. Campers can be checked in during the drop off window of 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. If you do arrive after the start time of camp, you will need to call the Mainline 619-409-5900 and wait for directions on how to access the site.

Check-out: At pick up, a parent/guardian must show picture ID card to camp staff, who will match their name to the list of authorized adults (listed during registration). Check out will be at the front circle, using the same process as the morning drop off procedures. Parents will remain in their vehicles. The camp coordinator will greet parents at their window to check ID's and sign out the camper. Once verified, the coordinator will radio for the camper to come to the vehicle. If the adult is not on the authorized list, we cannot release the child until a parent/guardian is contacted. Again, photo ID will be required to pick up a child on each day of camp. These policies are in place for one reason – the safety of children attending camp at the Living Coast. Pick up windows vary based on the camp you have chosen. Half day camps can be picked up between 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. Full day camps can be picked up between 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Starting after the pick up window ends, a late fee of $10 per ten minutes, per camper, is applied.

How to prepare your camper:

  • Campers will need to wear a face covering or mask throughout their time at camp. Masks will only be removed for eating and drinking throughout the day.

  • Campers should wear clothes that they can play in & get dirty! We will be doing arts & crafts, taking hikes, playing outside, etc.

  • Campers must wear sturdy walking shoes, such as gym shoes. Shoes with skate bottoms, flip flops, sandals and other open-toed shoes are NOT allowed. Children will not be allowed into camp without proper footwear.

  • We recommend applying sunscreen and/or bug spray to your child before arriving at camp. We are not able to apply sunscreen or bug spray directly to the campers though you may send it with the child if you feel they can apply it themselves.

  • Prepare your camper that camp activities have been modified due to COVID-19. We will be reducing the amount of contact based games and following social distancing protocols, as well as wearing masks throughout our camp activities.

What to bring to camp each day:

  • We recommend you send your camper with an additional face mask or covering in case the first one gets soiled. The CDC recommends this be stored in a clean Ziploc bag.

  • If your child is attending camp for a full-day, please pack a lunch with extra snacks, preferably in an insulated container. We will have 2 times for snack breaks (one morning, one afternoon) in addition to lunch.

  • If your child is attending camp for a half-day, please pack a substantial snack, preferably in an insulated container.

  • Reusable Water Bottle (please label)

  • Hat or Visor (optional, please label)

  • A camera (optional and may get wet, please label)

  • If it looks like rain, send along a poncho or raincoat

  • Spending money (optional)— campers will be permitted time on the last day of camp to purchase non-food items from the Living Coast's gift shop, if they so desire. $5 – $15 is a good amount of money.

What to leave at home:

  • All electronic equipment should be left at home, with the exception of cameras and cell phones (for emergency calls and camera use only). Cell phones must be turned off and put away during the camp and are to be used for emergencies only. If you need to contact your camper, please do so through the Education line: 619-409-5908

  • Knives and other sharp objects are prohibited on Discovery Center grounds, as well all other weapons. These objects will be confiscated immediately and may be turned in to law enforcement if necessary.

Program Cancellation Policy:

No refunds are given on programs cancelled by registrant less than 7 days prior to the program date. For cancellations made by registrant more than 7 days prior to first date of program an 80% refund will be given. LCDC reserves the right to cancel any program. In the event that LCDC cancels a program, all program fees will be refunded.

If you have questions or special needs, please call (619) 409-5908 or send an email to

We look forward to seeing you at camp!

Elizabeth Argyle Ashley Barron

Education Director Education Programs Manager

And the rest of our Education Team

Staying at Sun Outdoors?

If you are staying at the Sun Outdoors RV Resort, we offer a shuttle service for $15 per camp registration. We will pick up and drop off your camper at the Pedestrian Gate near the RV Resort exit (near the roundabout). Please include this add on to your camp registration to reserve your place. We will pick up at 8:45 AM and drop off will vary based on the camp you register for. Half day camps will be dropped off at 12:15 PM and full day camps will be dropped off at 4:15 PM. Adults must be present to complete the check in and out process at the gate. See above for check in and out process requirements.