Walter Stickle and the Hole in the Universe

Genre: Science Fiction/Adventure

Suitable for ages 15+

Published March 2015

Someone's got to do it...

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Book 3 in the Adventures of Walter Stickle

The evil Goldotti are gone. The Earth is saved. Walter is a hero. So why is he not living happily ever after? Because the Galactic Rangers, the most powerful force in the galaxy, have been unwittingly creating holes in the very fabric of the universe as their ships travel through the dark space beneath it. Until now, these holes have been too small to have any effect, but an engine malfunction on Scout Ship Gamma has ripped a massive hole in space and time that threatens to destroy the Earth. So once again, the world needs a hero, but has to settle for an ordinary man — Walter Stickle. Follow his adventures in this latest episode as he travels through the hole in the universe to save the world from certain doom.