Walter Stickle and the Goldotti of Deamus

Genre: Science Fiction/Adventure

Suitable for ages 15+

Published July 2014

The adventure continues.…

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Book 2 in the Adventures of Walter Stickle

Walter Stickle is back in this exciting, alien-packed sequel to Walter Stickle and the Galactic Rangers!The parasitic, mind-controlling Goldotti, the most feared creatures in the galaxy, have broken through the containment zone surrounding their home world of Deamus, threatening to spread across the stars like an incurable disease. They will stop at nothing in their mad quest for total domination of all intelligent life.

Only two things stand in their way. One is the most powerful force in the galaxy, a group of soldiers from the planet Argon who will journey to the ends of the universe and back to protect us all. They are the Galactic Rangers. The other is some guy from Pitville, New Jersey, who doesn’t even own a car and who thinks it’s an adventure to order something other than pancakes at the diner. He is Walter Stickle.

Follow the Galactic Rangers in their latest adventure as they battle the Goldotti and search for lost comrades on the hostile alien world of Gin-Vedra. Follow Walter in his continuing misadventures as he battles his annoying neighbor, Steve “Floodlight” Williams, and searches for better cell phone reception in the most normal town in America. Enjoy the twists, turns, and the surprising conclusion when their worlds collide.