A King in a Court of Fools

Genre: Humorous fiction, coming of age

Suitable for ages 10+

Published: September 2011

A time when things were simpler and every day was an adventure...

A King in a Court of Fools begins with a book -- The Book of Tom -- a journal writing assignment from Tom Ryan's sixth-grade teacher, Sister Jeanne Lorette. That's what she called it. Tom called it punishment. In it, he chronicles the adventures of the Caswell Gang, a group of siblings and friends with two things in common -- their love of adventure and their allegiance to Tom, their king.

The 1950s book was misplaced a long time ago, and all the children have since grown up, but Harry, Tom's youngest brother, still remembers it and retells for us one of its stories in a nostalgic, heartwarming, and humorous way that will have you wishing for adventure, too.

First published as a serialized novel, A King in a Court of Fools is the adventures of the anti-hero from Four Years from Home, Tom Ryan, as told by his brother Harry. Set in the 1950s, A King... is a nostalgic story of friendship, love, rivalry, and growing up. Suitable for ages 10 to infinity and beyond.


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5-stars A Wonderous Trip into the Past

There's something to be said about what 'was'. That time before we became what we are as adults, often funny, sometimes sad, but always important.

Larry Enright has heightened nostalgia here to a level not experienced since Jean Shepherd's magnificent 'In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash', which inspired the seminal holiday film 'A Christmas Story'. His Tom and Harry Ryan are rogue and angel, two halves of a familial coin, who tear through this tale with their friends in the Caswell Gang.

That we all could have had such friends and adventures in our youth, 'A King In A Court Of Fools' gives young and old alike a chance to relive a time when life was simpler, and fun could be summoned from the seemingly ordinary. Highly recommended for all ages.

5-stars Absolutely Charming

This warm and humorous story -- something of a nostalgia piece -- takes the reader back to childhood as the tale leisurely unfolds, breathing life into the young Caswell gang and their adventures. An absolutely charming book.


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