The Blacker Death

Genre: Bio-ThrillerSuitable for ages 18+

Published October 2014

They said it would get worse.… Then it did.

Available in eBook, Paperback, and Audio Book

Nominated for 2015 thriller of the year by the prestigious Kindle Book Review and finalist for best thriller of 2015 in the IAN Book Awards.

“Only three things in life are guaranteed: you’re born, you die, and somewhere in between, if you keep playing the odds, you’ll get lucky. What makes me such an expert? Nothing really. My name is Bam Matthews, I’m an FBI agent, and in forty-eight hours, give or take, I’ll either be damn lucky or stone-cold dead. Guaranteed.”

And so it goes for Bam Matthews, an FBI agent at the end of his career, who in his own words “should have retired years ago, but other than my job all I've got is a dog who can beat me at checkers, an old farmhouse in Jersey with a sixteen penny nail I drove into the kitchen wall to hang my piece at night, and this Gremlin that I've kept running for thirty-six years.”

The story opens when a New York hit man comes to town and whacks a local drug dealer right under the FBI’s nose. A complicated case to crack, but nothing compared to what Bam and his partner find lying on the sidewalk bleeding to death after leaving the murder scene: the first-ever case of Ebola to be reported in the city. This gritty first-person thriller follows a breadcrumb trail through murder, panic, fear, and revenge, drawing you inexorably to an unforgettable heart-pounding conclusion. As one reviewer said, “You can’t put this book down.”

(Note: Some language and situations in this book may not be appropriate for children under 18)

The author reads The Blacker Death, chapter one.