Walter Stickle and the Galactic Rangers

Genre: Science Fiction/Adventure

Suitable for ages 15+

Published October 2013

One ordinary man, one extraordinary adventure.…

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Book 1 in the Adventures of Walter Stickle

Walter Stickle is a creature of consistency: from the time he gets up, to the clothes he wears, the food he eats, the way he works, how he spends his free time . . . He does everything the same way. Every day. Boring? Maybe, but he likes his routine. It’s normal.

Walter also likes the Galactic Rangers. He reads the comic strip. He collects the action figures. He goes to the ComicCons. He is obsessed with them. Why? Because despite the sense of security he finds in being normal, Walter has always dreamed of going to the stars. Just once, he would like an adventure. Just once, he would like to be the hero. If only he had the chance . . .

Our story begins with an ordinary man, an anomalous pair of mismatched socks, and a comic strip. It ends with the adventure of a lifetime.