The Adventures of Walter Stickle

Genre: Science Fiction/Adventure

Suitable for ages 15+

Published March 2015

One ordinary man, one extraordinary adventure.…

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The complete three-book series of the Adventures of Walter Stickle

The Adventures of Walter Stickle is the compilation of all three books in the series. Get all three for less than half the price of buying the books individually!

According to one reviewer, "Walter Stickle is that unique character who comes along so infrequently in fiction. Complicated in his simplicity. Warm in the quietness of his manner. Bold in his embrace of an adventurous inner world brought to life."

This fantastic bargain includes:

Walter Stickle and the Galactic Rangers (Book 1)

The adventure begins for Walter, whose love of sci-fi comics leads him into a real-life adventure of galactic proportions.

Walter Stickle and the Goldotti of Deamus (Book 2)

The dreaded, mind-controlling Goldotti are on the loose in the galaxy and Walter is called upon to save the Earth in this alien-packed sequel.

Walter Stickle and the Hole in the Universe (Book 3)

There is a hole in space and time threatening to destroy the world and Walter must journey to another universe to save the Earth once again.

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