And we aim to get it...

It’s 1972. Think Nixon, Vietnam, VW Beetles, and bell-bottoms. Danny Maxwell is fresh out of college and ready to take on the world. He’s got a great job and a bright future. All he needs is a place to live. When he answers an ad in the local newspaper for a room to rent, he finds out too late that it comes with one unexpected amenity. His housemates are four old soldiers on a crazy mission to get back what belongs to them. Hilarity ensues when they drag Danny kicking and screaming into their misadventure of hysterical, historical proportions.

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Works of Fiction (in chronological order) by Larry Enright

Four Years from Home (2010), a mystery of discovery and redemption, and a best seller on Amazon for 9 months.

A King in a Court of Fools (2011), a story of kids being kids in a time when things were simpler and every day was an adventure, was originally published as a serial novel.

Buffalo Nickel Christmas (2011), a young man's remembrance of a Christmas a long time ago, is a Christmas story for everyone.

12|21|12 (2012) The world ends for someone every day. One day it will end for everyone.

A Cape May Diamond (2012) A story of life, love, and a journey of a thousand years.

Walter Stickle and the Galactic Rangers (2013) One ordinary man. One extraordinary adventure.

Walter Stickle and the Goldotti of Deamus (2014) The adventure continues..

Walter Stickle and the Hole in the Universe (2015) Someone's got to do it.....

The Adventures of Walter Stickle (2015) The Complete 3-book adventures.....

The Blacker Death (2014) They said it would get worse... Then it did..

- Now an audiobook!

Transcriber (2015) A story of timeless love and unnatural hate.

- Now an audiobook!

The Jennifer Project (2016) If we were not the most intelligent species...

Fin (2018) It was the beginning of the end...

The Great Social Security Heist (2019) And we aim to get it...