Job Openings

Paid Positions
The K-M Lab has two openings for paid positions (as of 1/31/2018):
  1. A full time Researcher I position. The candidate will assist the Principal Investigator, Postdoctoral Associates, or students in the lab by managing breeding and animal records, performing procedures such as slicing brain tissue, stereotaxic surgeries, and immunocytochemistry and similar techniques, analyzing recorded data including EEG data, and maintaining laboratory supplies. 
    Due to the time it takes to train an individual, we are looking for a minimum of a two year commitment. For more information and to apply, visit and use job ID 322341

    Note that the Job ID was recently updated.   If you previously applied to the old job ID number, you will unfortunately need to resubmit your application materials.
    Graduating this Spring? The position requires a degree, but we can be flexible with the start date. If you're interested in the position but haven't graduated yet, please send an email to to express your interest in the position, in addition to applying through the UMN webpage, so we can be sure your application makes it through to us.

  2. For UMN undergraduates, we have a part time position to help with colony management. This work requires reliability and an unwavering attention to detail. We are anticipating approximately 10hrs of work per week, and are looking for a two semester minimum commitment. To find out more information or to apply, please contact Isaac Hoff at

Unpaid Positions
KM lab is currently seeking undergraduate research volunteers. You can get more information, and apply here: