Lab Pranks

Prank 0: Revenge of the Animal Crackers

Prank 1: Where'd All the Chairs Go?

Prank 2: Pop! Goes the Office

Some pranks escaped photographic documentation. Sorry. We're scientists, not professional pranksters (...yet).

These pranks included a giant (drawing of a) mouse skull prep, requiring a powerful punch to bust through the skull and into the office, a photoshopped Neuron article that scooped our big projects, and some other good wholesome activities.

March 2018: "But if Esther is at a conference...then who's on the scope?"

She was gone for a while. Feeling abandoned, we decided to make a new Esther! (or two).

Meetings suddenly went much quicker.

(I'm a gif. Click me).


August 2018: Increasing bicycle visibility for the explicit purpose of safety

Esther often bikes to work, and while the lab applauds her eco-friendliness, we worry that the bike isn't as attention grabbing and safe as it could be. We decided to fix that.

The old, low-visibility bike

The new, high-visibility bike. So safe!