My teaching includes undergraduate and graduate courses in research methodology, comparative and international education, and in the conflict resolution field. Prior to beginning at UMASS Boston, I was an adjunct instructor at Drexel University (Global & International Education program) and an adjunct instructor and Associate Instructor at Indiana University.

Please contact me if you would like to see syllabi for any of the courses listed below.

UMASS Boston

Advanced Negotiation & Mediation: Conflict, Peace, and Education – ConRes 603

Doctoral Research Design – GGHS 780

Education & Conflict (online) – ConRes 697

Inter-Group Dialogue & Facilitation – ConRes 627

Introductory Theories – ConRes 623

Advanced Intervention: Peace Education – ConRes 626

Masters Project/Thesis Seminar – ConRes 693

Research Methods in Conflict Resolution – ConRes 635

Indiana University

Strategies for Educational Inquiry – EDUC-Y520

Social Movements in Education – EDUC-U212 - undergraduate course

Freshman Interest Group Seminar, Jewish Studies – COLL-X111 - undergraduate course

Cultural/Community Forces in the School – EDUC-T550 (Associate Instructor) - undergraduate course

Practicum, Ethnic and Cultural Studies – EDUC-M550 (Associate Instructor) - undergraduate course

Drexel University

Conflict Resolution in International Contexts – EDGI 534

International Organizations in International Education – EDGI 532

Teachers College, Columbia University

Conflict Resolution in the Schools: Applications in Pedagogy and Curriculum – ORLJ 4000