A Guide to Reading Nevi'im and Ketuvim

A Guide to Reading Nevi'im and Ketuvim is designed to ease and facilitate the direct reading and review of Tanakh in its entirety. It suggests a flexible schedule for daily reading (precise, nuanced reading out loud with the cantillation melody is highly recommended) based upon careful outlines of each book's contents.

The Guide also provides a useful alternative to the chapter divisions for the books of Tanakh.



מדריך לקריאת נביאים וכתובים

Download the full version of the Guide in Hebrew PDF. Please note that this file is an "embedded PDF", which means it also contains a fully editable version of the Guide that can be opened using LibreOffice.

Last revised Tevet 5773 (December 2012) with some minor corrections.

A Guide to Reading Nevi'im and Ketuvim

Download the explanatory material for the Guide in English PDF. Please note that this file is an "embedded PDF", which means it also contains a fully editable version of the explanatory material that can be opened using LibreOffice.

Contents of the Guide:

I. Explanatory Material (Hebrew & English)

Introduction | How to Use the Guide Sheets | Sources and Notes

II. Books of Nevi'im & Ketuvim (Hebrew only)

The Guide-Sheet for each book provides a detailed outline of the book's contents and proposes a reading schedule.

Yehoshua | Shofetim | Shemuel | Melakhim | Yeshayahu | Yirmiyahu (2 pages) | Yehezkel | Trei Asar (2 pages) | Iyyov | Mishlei & Kohelet | Megillot (except Kohelet) & Daniel | Divrei Hayamim (2 pages) | Ezra-Nehemiah

III. Special Pages (Hebrew only)

Tehillim (six-month cycle) | Tehillim (leap year) | Five Megillot for Festivals

Other Resources:

Special Pages

Tehillim: Read and review Sefer Tehillim, one mizmor per day in a half-year cycle, a rate that encourages meaning and understanding (Guide, pp. 27-28).

Five Megillot: In many communities, the reading of the five megillot is divided by chapter, sometimes amongst several readers. A widespread custom is to read the end of each chapter with a special flourish (especially in Esther). The "Five Megillot" page offers an alternative to the chapter divisions for this purpose, as well as for private reading and study (Guide, p. 29).

  • "Maimonides and the Mesorah of Tiberias": a short, highly readable article for the layman about mesorah and the Aleppo codex, meant to help people gain a clear appreciation of the nature and importance of the two parallel traditions for the text of Tanakh: the written tradition of the scribes and the oral tradition of the readers. This essay was penned at the request of the Maimonides Heritage Center in Tiberias and appears at their website, but the full updated and corrected version is here.
  • My recorded haftarot (beginnings of an amateur audio collection).


Feel free to contact me about A Guide to Reading Neviim and Ketuvim, especially to offer suggestions on how the titles, the division of the text, or the format of the pages can be improved. Even very technical suggestions are welcome. I would love to know if you make modifications, so that I can learn from what you’ve done. Remember that as they now stand, the Guide Sheets are imperfect drafts, with many rough spots that need to be smoothed out.

Contact me about the Guide at <skadish1 at gmail.com>.

Previous Versions

Previous online versions of A Guide to Reading Nevi'im and Ketuvim:

I am very grateful to those who graciously hosted the material as it developed.

The version hosted at this website is current and should remain so (since it is at my own webpage, which allows me to upload updated versions whenever needed). Most recently corrected & updated Heshvan 5770 (October 2009).


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  • (ה)מדריך לקריאת נביאים וכתובים
  • דפי הדרכה לקריאת נביאים וכתובים
  • A Guide to Reading Nevi’im and Ketuvim
  • Guide Sheets for Reading Nevi'im and Ketuvim: A System for Study and Review