Traditional Quilt Variations

 Yellow Structures,* 30"x32", 2004.**

*'Red Structures,'* 36"x44", 2004. 


Silk, Velvet, and Linen Lap Quilt, 46"x60", 2006.


*Condo Life,* 31"x41", 2005.


*On the Surface, 25"x33", 2005.


Geode Collection, #2, 50"x38", 2003.




*Maiwa Dye Samples,* 46"x35", 2004.

India Stripes, #1, 42"x58", 2006.**

Nine Ways of Looking at a Bracket Fungus, 2006.**

"Remains of the Day,* 2005, 44"x60", 2005.**

"Yellow Structures" and "Red Structures" were both made after reading an Updike novel which focused on an artist who was working to picture 'the tension of a line.'  I picked up the challenge.  The backgrounds are pieced in strips from white to black.

Ed spends his winter evenings reading or watching DVD's under the 'Bon Bon Quilt.'  Each square  has a linen background with a curved form made from hand-dyed velvet and silk, and each is hand-embroidered.



Based upon a 9-patch block, the 'Condos' quilt argues that we are each unique...but not special, necessarily.