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 poor pictures of 5"x5" pieces that exist together in little fabric books.  Each book has 4-8 pages, and each page has many layers of sheers and silks.  hard to photograph because of the reflectiveness.




Here we have an elephant**

And here we have a mouse.**  the mouse is also in the elephant picture, and the elephant (or at least his trunk) is also in the mouse picture.  They are a pair for a show in the spring titled 'Opposites.'  Neither piece is very big (the elephant is about 20"x16 inchesk, the mouse smaller), and neither piece is anywhere near finished.  But April is a long way away, I think.  (November '09)

 Painting with fabric..especially organzas.  After a Vermeer painting.  Much more experimentation to be done, of course.  October 2009.




 Each panel is 24x12"; there will eventually be five of them, each reflecting color and form choices by members of the family who asked me to do a wall quilt for their living room.  Involves both cottons and silk and nylon organza, all on a linen base.  (august 09)


Pillow-dolls: Little Red Ridinghood, her Mother, her Grandmother, the Woodcutter, and the Wolf.  The latter four are 12" tall, 5.5" wide; Miss Hood is only 8" tall.  Miss Hood's face is painted, whereas the adults' faces are appliqued, as is the wolf's.  Dolls: a summer diversion.   July 09.

The Hansel and Gretel Group: the wicked stepmother, the feckless dad, Gretel, Hansel, and the Witch.  August 09



 This is a second group quilt for the library: it's about 6-7 feet wide and 4+feet high.  It may be more than we can manage in an ordinary sewing machine! 8/08.  Too big; in Dec. 08, we decided to cut it into two pieces, but I haven't quite had the nerve to do it yet.


 Agate Screen, without backlighting.

 Agate Screen, with backlighting.

This is just a small sample for what will eventually be a octagonal framed piece with LED lighting built into the frame.  It is made with silk and various sheers, quilted, and cut out from behind so that the light will come through some areas and not others. (6/08)






This page has pictures of things i'm currently working on.  I am usually working on 3 or 4 different pieces at the same time (whichever one has claimed my interest and my sense of where to go next is the one i am primarily working on...or if there is some kind of deadline).  As well, I am almost always making postcards, trading cards, and even baby quilts, as a new generation of friends' grandchildren arrive.  The trading cards and postcards (and now the little books) are particularly good places to experiment with new techniques and images. 



The quilt of desperation:

What you do when you seem absolutely out of ideas and motivation.

 4'x6', 8/08