Bed Quilts

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 The Colors of the Gobi Desert, 7'x8', 2005. (Ian)

Garden Quilt, 7'x8', 2004. (My sister, Charlie)

Rose's Garden, 7'x8', 2003. (Elisabeth)

India Stripes, #3, 7'x8', 2006 (Shelly & Chiara)

Wild Cabins, 7'x8', 2001 (Calvin)


Chaos Theory, 7'x8', 2004 (Spencer)


Golden Lattice, 7'x8', 2006 (Lydia)

Diamonds, 7'x8', 2006.  (Toni)


Bed quilts are almost always for family members.  Included among those are 8 queen-sized  hand-quilted quilts, one each for the 8 grandchildren, quilts they will receive when they are grown up.