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Wunderkammer Quilts
Wunderkammer means "room of wonders," and these quilts are about collections of images; images I have collected in a single quilt.

"Animals of Point Roberts, No. 1," 2012.  16"x24".**

"In the Forest, in the Fall," 2012.  48"x60".  Based upon a series of photographs, especially of lichen and mushrooms in our forest.  But also, winter wrens and a racoon.

Lap Quilts that May be Art Quilts

The most recent of a series of similarly-sized and constructed quilts with the intention of combining the practicality of a usable lap-sized quilt with at least some of the qualities of an art quilt.

"What About the Parrot?", 2011.  44"x58".  

"Planting the Spring Garden," 2011.  Linen, cotton, hand-embroidery, hand-quilting.

"Nara," 2011.  Linen, silk, vintage kimono pieces, hand-embroidery, hand-quilted.  48"x64".

"Aerial Views," 2011.  Linen, cotton, hand-dyes, hand-embroidery, hand-quilting.  46"x62"

"Windows on the World," 2011.  Linen and cotton, hand-embroidery and hand-quilting.  44"x62"

"To The Nines," 2011  Cottons and linen, many different kinds of 9-patches.  46"x64".

Costa Rica

"Costa Rica," 2011, 44"x60".  Linen, hand-embroidered, hand-quilted.

"Jerusalem," 2011, linen and cotton, hand-embroidered, hand-quilted. 45"X60". **

Oaxaca, 2011, 44"x60"

"Oaxaca," 2011, 44"x62".  Linen, cotton, stamped and embroidered; hand-quilted.

'Koln," 2010, 42"x60".  Linen with hand perle cotton hand embroidery; hand-quilted.

"Copenhagen," 41"x55", 2010.  Linen, hand-embroidery, hand-quilted.**

"Mombasa," 48"x72", 2010.
Linen center, cotton borders, hand-embroidered and hand-quilted. (In private collection.)

"Walkabout," 45"x65", 2010.
Linen center, cotton borders, hand-embroidered and hand-quilted.**

Rajahstan (45"x60"), 2010 **

Provence (45"x60"), 2010

Fields of Gold (45"x60"), 2010

Sunny Day (45"x60"), 2009

Vein of Iron (45"x60"), 2009

'Feeling Blue,' lap quilt, 45"x60", 2009.

The Barham Variations

2009, 31" x 65"

(private collection)

"Justice For All", ca. 65"x40".
August 09. **

Now we have the Congress (below) and the Judiciary (above).  We are lacking only the Executive.  But it remains to be seen what Obama is to us, indeed what the Presidency itself now is to us. Maybe 'Feeling Blue' (above) is the quilt about the Executive Branch

"Justice for All' was given an Honorable Mention at the Tenth Annual Fibre Arts Festival in Gibsons Landing, B.C. in August, '09.

"Your U.S. Congress at Work," (61"x45") 2009.**

 "Justice and Peace," (45"x32") 2009.  (In private collection.)


Star Dancers, 19"x27", 2007.

(In private collection.)


 Wunderkammer #1, 27"x32", 2007.**

They Have No Lawns, 25"x35", 2007.

(In private collection.)

Suzanne, 35x41", 2007.







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