Abandoned Houses



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 Goodman House, 2005.

  Largaud House, 40"x35", 2002.

Swanson House, 18"x22", 2003.

APA Road Farmhouse, 42"x34", 2003.

Hansson House, Winter, 27"x31", 2001.

 Hansson House, Summer, 17"x17", 2003.

Covered House, Boyd 2, Rex Road, 26"x23", 2002.

Boyd House 1, Rex Road, 27"x27:, 2001.

Samuelson Shed, 24"x25:, 2002.

Hansen/Johnson House, Gulf Road, 27"x33", 2002.

Myrdal Farm, Pauls Road, 29"x35", 2001.

Sigurdson Farm, Pauls Road, 15"x20", 2002.

Teller Road Cottage, 22"x22", 2002.

Thorsteinson House, 45"x38", 2002.

Trailer, APA Road, 20"x22", 2003.

Myrdal Workshop, Pauls Road, 20"x18", 2002.

The Last Abandoned House: From My Back Yard (the spider is definitely gone).  28"x28", 2003.

Because Pt. Roberts is such an unusual place (ie, it's geographical location), it probably has more than its share of abandoned houses.  This series of 17 quilts was begun in 2002 and completed in 2005.