David Balch

David has been developing Internet applications and designing graphics since 1997 using HTML, AJAX, PHP, XML/XSL and content management systems, Processing/Java, PERL, and Python. Following the tenet that information and design depend on each other for effective communication. David has created a wide range of logos and branding identities for websites, advertising, brochures, CDs and inlays.

David White

David co-manages the award winning Technology-Assisted Lifelong Learning group at the University of Oxford. He has led a number of JISC funded projects and has undertaken research into what motivates users to engage with digital technologies and how social capital is generated and exchanged online. His digital visitors and digital residents principle is widely accepted as an effective method of categorising individuals approach to the web.

Howard Noble

Howard works in the Learning Technologies Group at Oxford Universtiy Computing Services (OUCS) where he conducts research into how technology can be used in Higher Education. Howard led the JISC low-carbon ICT project and previously a number of other projects focused on implementing educational interoperability specifications. Howard has a Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction (Sussex University) and a commercial background (IBM) in business analysis. Howard has 10+ years experience working on a wide range of challenging academic and commercial projects.

Joss Winn

Joss works in the Centre for Educational Research and Development at the University of Lincoln where he researches the use of technology in Higher Education. Joss has worked on the JISC LIROLEM, JISCPress, ChemistryFM and TotalReCal projects. He runs the Lincoln Academic Commons which evaluates open source software and provides information to staff and students about Open Access and Open Education. Joss previously worked for Amnesty International. He blogs about energy on Expedient Means.

Ken Kahn

Ken works in the Learning Technologies Group at Oxford Universtiy Computing Services (OUCS). Ken has taught and led research into artificial intelligence, computer animation, programming languages, and educational software. He developed ToonTalk (a programming environment for children), Modelling4All (a web-based tool for making agent-based modelling broadly accessible), and MoPiX (a web-based educational tool for making animations, graphs, and games using algebra). He has programming expertise in Java, Lisp, C++ and Prolog.

Richard Bull

Richard is researching different models of public engagement and behavioural change to see how climate change and sustainable development are communicated. He is leading an evaluation process for a European project, Cyber Display, with Energie-Cities as well as looking at how local government can engage citizens in the climate change agenda. Richard is also involved in DMU’s Sustainable Development Task Force and drafting a sustainability strategy for the University.

Richard Hall

Richard is the e-learning co-ordinator at De Montfort University and holds a National Teaching fellowship. He is a member of the JIISC funded DUALL project team and has extensive experience of running community engagement workshops and events. Richard is particularly interested in the role technology can play in helping the sector to become more resilient in the face of funding cuts and rising energy prices.