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Workshop design


The workshop will explore:
  • The role meter data visualisations (in a variety of forms) and pledges can play in sustainability campaigns
  • How strategic people are in deciding whether to contribute to a campaign

Skeleton agenda

 Time Item
10.45   Refreshment break
11.00Campaign design exercise
Common goods game and discussion
14.00   Close

Detailed agenda for Oxford workshop on 25th May at OUCS

  • 10:00: Introduction to the day (HN - 10 mins)
  • 10:10: Participants do survey (~30 mins)
  • 10:45: Refreshment break (15 mins)
  • 11:00: Presentation (DF - 10 mins)
  • 11:10: Introduce design exercise and facilitate 3 groups. 20 mins for each scenario. (HN, DW, DF - 60 mins)
  • 12:10: Group presentations (20 mins)
  • 12.30: Lunch
  • 13.15: Common goods game and discussion (DW - 45 mins)
  • 14:00: End


The survey is designed to find out what people think about a range of visualisations, and how this might relate to their views on openness, visibility of action, granularity of data, pledging and acting on targets.

Design exercise

We will divide participants into groups of 3-5 to design a campaign to reduce electricity consumption over the period of a year. The participants will think about which visualisations they want to show and how to disseminate the information. Some of the groups will describe their approach to the rest at the end (time permitting).

Common goods game and discussion

Participants will be divided into two groups (players and observers) around a common goods game. We will discuss:

  • Role of competition in campaigns
  • Whether we can build in altruistic punishment
  • Role of openness
  • What to do about the rebound effect
  • Joss and Dave - please think about this bit!


  • Survey: Computers and handout with visualisation triplets for ranking exercise
  • Design exercise: Flip chart paper, scissors, A4 paper, post it notes, pens.
  • Common goods game: Sweets, cups, bag, calculator, flip chart and pens (for discussion).


  • Idea: A reverse brainstorming exercise: come up with a strategy to maximise the Universities carbon footprint
  • What about roles of people engaged in this

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