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Development begins

posted Jul 6, 2011, 6:40 AM by Howard Noble
The project team has now started working on creating prototype implementations that embody the research to-date. This effort is focused representing and presenting electricity meter data in compelling forms. 

We are working on the 'dripping bucket' interface (see Ideas section to the left) as a starting point. HTML5 makes making interactive graphical resources much easier to make and Dave B has made a first draft to help us get a practical understanding of how easy it is to:
  1. Show electricity consumption in real-time i.e. half-hourly meter readings
  2. Show consumption against a target
  3. Show savings (in various forms / units)
We also want to make use of pledging/survey systems to:
  1. Crowd-source approaches for saving energy
  2. Survey what people (within a defined group) want to do with savings
Finally, workshop participants highlighted the need for accountability which suggests:
  1. Make it possible to compare performance between groups (with a named institutional representative)
The dripping bucket (needs a better name) can be drawn in many different forms - essentially it represents a visualisation of performance and a target. There are many other ways we can do this, one of which could be an Olympics race around a track where athletes represent organisations that race around a track at a rate by which they exceed their targets.

The elephant in the room is then - how to agree targets. The workshops also highlighted the need to set the right tone if you are to imply competition within/between groups. Competition is a boon for some and a bane to others.