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The data from this survey (and the rest of the workshop) will be made anonymous and then published openly. We want to do this to help other groups design sustainability initiatives.


  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Role
    • Is sustainability officially part of your institutional role
    • How many people do you manage
    • Are you a member of an institutional group/team/initiative that is actively engaged in sustainability
  • What about outside of work e.g. home, community action etc
  • Institution
  • Sympathy towards environmental initiatives / concern about environmental degradation
  • Competition, cooperation, strategic, tactical
  • Attitudes to openness

Data representations

  1. Time vs energy at organisation, department, office level
  2. Time vs energy comparing between 3 similar groups
  3. Performance statistics expressed as numbers, symbols, graphs, abstract scale
  4. Units expressed as kWh, /m2, car equivalents, funded student places
  5. Where should visualisation be e.g. reception, emails, text
  6. Performance against league table 
  7. Extreme styles e.g. heat map, race, growing forest, rabbits, city)
  8. A meta section on usability e.g. ask directly how important the following criteria are:
    1. accuracy
    2. aesthetics
    3. humour
    4. comprehensiveness
    5. trust in the data source
    6. interacting with the data source e.g. different views of the data
    7. whether you can find out how the graphic was created and where the data comes from
    8. how the data is accessed 
    9. integration with an alert system
    10. pledge + real world data
    11. openness of data

Willingness to act (and pledge) 

  • Things they are already doing
  • Things they would consider doing
  • Things they would do but only in specific contexts
  • Things they cannot foresee themselves ever doing
  • Please indicate how openly the following institutional data sets should be made available:
  Open to anyoneOpen within my organisationOpen within my group  Available only to the specific staff

(How does this link with the idea most want openness but very few would take responsibility for the decision).
    • Electricity 
    • Gas
    • Water
    • Procurement e.g. number of PCs, servers bought over time
    • Travel data
  • Behaviour change means changing the way one acts in the real world:
    • Turn PCs off
    • Turn off air-conditioning
    • Turn off lights
    • Turn down radiators / thermostat
    • Tell a colleague you are not prepared to take a flight
    • Give up private car ownership
    • Cycle to work
    • Make printing the exception
    • Purchases
    • ...others?

Putting aspects of the survey on the web

  • Via Twitter, Facebook, and on the project website
  • Real time access to the data
  • Provide ways to link up with other designers and activists
  • Select questions based on whether we need lots of responses / we are provoking conversation