Must Read

Here I will list books, articles, research papers, news items which struck me. Mostly they are from Computer Science


Programming Pearls by Jon Bentley

[Jon Bentley - Free Download] [Google Books]


Paul Erdos' life in short


Reflections on Trusting Trust by Ken Thompson

[ACM] [CiteSeer] [Other]

100 or so Books that shaped a Century of Science @ American Scientist

[American Scientist]

How do we tell truths that might hurt? by Edsger Dijkstra

[Texas Univ] [Virginia Univ] [ACM]

How to write a proof? by Leslie Lamport

[Microsoft] [CiteSeerX]

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously


Computer Science Quotes


History of modern day Internet as told by Vint Cerf


Research Papers

The Physiology of Grid: An Open Grid Services Architecture for Distributed Systems Integration by Ian Foster, Carl Kesselman, Jeffrey M. Nick, Steven Tuecke

[Globus] [Argonne Nat Lab] [CiteSeer]

Bubble sort: An archaeological algorithmic analysis by O Astrachan

[Duke Univ] [CiteSeer]

The UNIX Time Sharing System


Small World Problem by Stanley Milgram

[UCL] [UCLA] [Stanford]

The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two: Some Limits on our Capacity for Processing Information by George A Miller


The Development of the C language by Dennis M Ritchie