Installing ns2 in debian lenny

[ For new Debian(Squeeze and above) it is available in the repository and can be installed using the command apt-get install ns2 . Or go to System->Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager and search and install NS2]

NS (version 2) is an object-oriented, discrete event driven network simulator developed at UC Berkely written in C++ and OTcl. NS is primarily useful for simulating local and wide area networks.

I tried searching debian package search for finding the ns2 package. But couldnt find it. Versions for squeeze[testing] and sid are available, but lenny version is not available in the repo. But found PPA for Ubuntu Lucid. To try my luck, I downloaded the packages for Ubuntu Lucid. When I tried to install it in Lenny, it gave me errors. But it showed me the dependencies clearly. So I installed the dependent packages from debian lenny repo itself. But some packages like tclcl,mitotcl,nam, and the ns2 itself was not available in the lenny repo. [ These packages I installed from the downloaded Ubuntu repo. The Ubuntu packages are attached at the end of the page. Otherwise use the Ubuntu PPA to get these packages.]

The dependencies for ns2 as suggested by squeeze is given below.

libc0.1 (>= 2.3) [kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386]:Embedded GNU C Library: Shared libraries also a virtual package provided by libc0.1-udeb.

libc6 (>= 2.3.6-6~) [i386] : Embedded GNU C Library: Shared libraries also a virtual package provided by libc6-udeb.

libgcc1 (>= 1:4.1.1) [amd64, i386, ia64, sparc]: GCC support library

libotcl1: shared library of OTcl

libstdc++6 [kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386]: The GNU Standard C++ Library v3

libx11-6: X11 client-side library

libxext6:X11 miscellaneous extension library

tcl8.4 (>= 8.4.16):Tcl (the Tool Command Language) v8.4 - run-time files

tk8.4 (>= 8.4.16):Tk toolkit for Tcl and X11, v8.4 - run-time files.

How I installed ns2

First I installed tcl8.4,tk8.4,xgraph from Debian repository. I have gcc 4.3 installed in my system. [$apt-get install <file_name>]

Then I installed mitotcl,tclcl,nam,ns2 which i downloded from Ubuntu PPA. [ $ dpkg -i <file_name>]. Those files are attached here.