Free Books

This is a list of Computer Science related books freely Downloadable

Eloquent JavaScript

Book providing an introduction to the JavaScript programming language and programming in general.

Debian Administrators Handbook

A very good book on how to use Debian

Neural Networks: A Systematic Introduction

A simple book in Neural Networks

Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation

An introduction to programming languages

How to Design Programs

A nice book on program design


Nice book on Algorithms

The Little book of semaphores

A Nice introduction to semaphores and concurrency

Type theory and functional programming

A deep look at type theory

Fundamentals of Computer Vision

Nice book on fundamentals of Computer Vision

Elements of Statistical Learning

Data Mining, Inference and Prediction

Basics of Compiler Design

Introduction to compiler desgin

Mining Massive Data Sets

Massive Data Set Mining

Foundations of Databases

Database Foundation

Think Bayes

Bayesian statistics made simple

Assemblers and Loaders

A book on assemblers and loaders

Explore Flask

A good book Python Flask

Little Book of OS development

Introduction to OS development

Introduction to Computer Networks

Introduction to computer networks

Modern C

Notes on Modern C

Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures

Algorithms and Data structures using Python

Probabilistic Models of Cognition

learning probabilistic programming

Springer Ebook Collection

Springer Free Ebook collection from various fields

Little book about OS development

OS development in short

Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications

Abstract Algebra with Sage applications