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New to drum lessons?  Check out my What To Expect From My Teaching Studio page to learn about my curriculum and teaching style!

Draper Studio

My draper location is at 12835 S. Brown's Pond Cove (200 E), 84020. I'm currently teaching there on Tuesday through Saturday.

West Jordan Studio

The music studio I teach at on Monday is located at 7625 S. 3200 W.   West Jordan, UT 84088.  (Around back, and the unit on the north west corner.)

Below are my openings. Reserve your lesson time today by clicking on the "available" link to send me an email or call me. 

(B) Beginner to Intermediate slot available, (less than 5 years experience as youth, and 1 for adults; taught by me and an experienced student co-teacher.) $20/half hour rate.

(A) Intermediate to Advanced slot available, (by initial interview assessment and with 5+ years experience for youth or 1+ for adults; taught by me only.) $30/half hour rate.

Notice: Limited space is available for both advanced one on one lessons with me or for beginning to intermediate lessons with me and my co-teachers.  If There are no openings available below please email me to get on a waiting list and I'll contact you once an opening is available.  I can also give references to some other wonderful teachers in the area.

Jeremy Brown; Jbolfrog(at)hotmail.com801.673.4166.     

Week Day Schedule:

 Mon  Tues  Wed
Thurs  Fri
Draper Draper Draper Draper
 1:45   not_open  not_open not_open  not_open  not_open
 2:15 not_open  not_open not_open  not_open  not_open
 2:45 not_open  Joshua not_open not_open  not_open
 3:15 not open  not_open Quin not_open not_open
 3:45 not open  Ian     Luke Sofia Joshua
 4:15 Henry Ian    Ethan Sofia Brendan
 4:45 Max  not_open    Jenna Luke Jarren
 5:15 Emir  not_open (B)Available Jonny Drake
Dax  not_open (B)Available Skylar Shan
 6:30 Sri  not_open    Owen  Maloreigh not_open
 7:00 Cameron  not_open not_open    Maloreigh not_open
 7:30 Elijah  not_open not_open  not_open not_open
 8:00   not_open  not_open not_open  not_open not_open
 8:30   not_open  not_open not_open not_open not_open

Saturday Schedule:

 8:00 am
 8:30 -not_open-
 9:00 -not_open-
 9:30 Blake  
 10:00 -not_open-
 10:30 -not_open-
 11:00 -not_open-
 11:30 -not_open-
 12:00 -not_open-
 12:30 -not_open-
 1:00 pm -not_open-
 1:30 -not_open-
West Jordan studio
Draper studio

Make a payment for drum lessons Here:

Brooke Benton Any

Flexible schedule, make-up lessons, payment process.



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Draper studio

References                   Check here to see what my students and their parents think of me! 

What To Expect From My Teaching Studio                         See what I have to offer as a drum teacher.

Student Score Board                         Students choose a code name and their progress is posted online!