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 "Jeremy is a great teacher because he knows and can teach you about any style of drums you want to know. He is great." -Bailey

"Bailey loves to go to drum lessons. He has learned an amazing amount from Jeremy. I love his flexible schedule and know that Bailey is getting quality lessons."  -Bailey's Mom

photo of student "He makes the hard parts easier and fun!" -Adrianna

"My daughter is ADD and Jeremy has done a magnificent job working with her and keeping her focused. She loves going and is very proud of the progress she's made." -Adrianna's Mom

 "Drum lessons are AWESOME!  I have a talent!" -Scott

"Drum lessons have helped Scott to focus, build confidence and develop self-discipline.  Jeremy is very patience, dependable and challenges Scott to practice and push himself farther." -Scott's Mom

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 "My favorite day of the week is always Wednesday because that's when my drum lessons are.  Drum lessons always give me a smile." -Lizzy

"I love having Jeremy teach my daughter drums.  Not only is he a very talented drummer, but he's good at teaching children to play.  He's patient, explains things clearly and encourages excellence.  As a parent I appreciate that he is reliable and responds quickly to emails or phone calls.  I also appreciate his very reasonable prices compared to other teachers.  One time my daughter asked me, 'How long will I take drum lessons?'  I asked, 'Why?  Do you want to quit already?'  'No!' she replied.  'I never want to quit!  I was just hoping I could keep taking them for a long time!'"  -Lizzy's Mom

photo of student "I like to hit the cymbals, it's lots of fun to hear what they sound like. My favorite part is that Jeremy teaches me the drums. He's a good drummer and he teaches me cool things. I love that Jeremy is a great drummer. I want to drum and twirl the sticks just like him" -Jake

"I love the convenient schedule, price and locations Jeremy has to offer. Jeremy is patient! Jeremy never seems hurried or frustrated, he just goes with the flow and makes lessons fun. Jake never dreads going to drum lessons, he loves learning new things with positive reinforcement from Jeremy" -Jake's Momphoto of student

"Drum lessons are freakin awesome!  Jeremy is an awesome teacher.  I like the lessons because I’m learning to play drums." -Nate

"Jeremy makes the lessons fun and motivating.  He mixes in review whenever there’s a new technique to learn, so Nate always leaves confident that he can learn each new thing.
We enjoy the website which tracks Nate’s progress.  We can direct our family to the site so they can listen to Nate online." -Nates's Parents

photo of student  "Jeremy is a great teacher he is like your best friend and ready to care for you like one too. Drum lessons are really cool! Don't need to worry if you think the teacher will be mean!" -Ching

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Benifits of Music                   Kids exposed to music receive more academic awards than their peers!

What To Expect From My Teaching Studio                         See what I have to offer as a drum teacher.

Student Score Board                         Students choose a code name and their progress is posted online!

Music & Videos                         Students choose a song to learn in addition to the normal curriculum also video assignments are posted for students to view

Events and Performances                         Attending concerts is encouraged and this web page is a resource for student and professional shows!

Teaching Schedule                         Always up to date in case you need to check for a makeup time!


Who Am I                         Aside from good references, when choosing a teacher you want to make sure they have the education, performing experience, and teaching experience you would hope for!