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Monthly Student Model Rentals/Drums For Sale

Monthly Student Model Rentals:
  • Beginners always start out with a lot of desire and often have at least drumsticks and a practice pad, which is great!  However, if they start drum lessons with out a drum set, and can't practice on the very instrument that caught their interest in the first place, they often loose that desire.
  • So in an effort to help the parents find an inexpensive alternative to providing a drum set, I started collecting drum sets to rent out.
  • This has been a great way for parents to have their kids "get their feet wet," and to decide if they really want to spend the money to buy the instrument for their kid.

$20/month for student model drums
$35/month for more expensive student model drums
$40/month for electronic drum sets (will need headphones)

Example Photos:

Student Model Drums

example photo of silver student model drums

More Expensive Student Model Drums

example photo of green more expensive student model drums

Electronic Drum Sets

example photo of electronic drums

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Check here to see what my students and their parents think of me! 

Student Recital! 
My most recent student recital took place the first weekend in March at my draper location and was a blast for everyone who attended. I'll post clips and photos soon.

Benifits of Music  

Kids score higher on SATs when exposed to learning music!

photo of me with a snare drum

 Who Am I   

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