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    Here are some aspects of my experience, curriculum, and services offered with my teaching studio:
    • I have a BMU (Bachelors of Music degree) from the University of Utah in Jazz Performance on drum set and vibraphone.
    • I was taught by some of the greatest performers in the state including Jay Lawrence (first call set player in the state,) and Doug Wolf and George Brown (both current members of the Utah Symphony.)
    • I am professional performer and educator and have been teaching for over 16 years.
    • I teach my students to be well rounded percussionists and not just rock drummers, which teachings place them en route for earning collage scholarships and a career in music if they later desire.
    • I have a mallet keyboard instrument (marimba) at each teaching location in addition to a drum set.
    • I provide cheap drum set rental options to my students.
    • I have extensive experience in rock, studio work, mallet percussion, concert snare, rudimental drumming, timpani, and jazz and big band drumming.
    • New beginner students have one full month with me at each lesson full time, and then after the first month a transition will start to take place which can take anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple more months to where I am then teaching the first lesson of the month and an experienced advanced student of mine teaches the remaining three or four lessons of the month.
    • I provide performing experiences for my students, which includes two recitals a year (with music the students chose themselves.)  I also form performance centered percussion ensemble groups, and I help my students form their own rock bands and give them opportunities to perform for my students during my recitals.
    • For the most advanced students that are interested I provide opportunities for them to begin a career in teaching by having them co-teach beginner students with me.
    • I try to keep my students plugged in to the music scene and keep them up to date about local performances and events, including those of their peers.
    • I have a system for using online multimedia to expose my students to other great performers and musicians.  
    • I write free articles to students and their parents concerning advice on scholarships, careers in music, how to motivate students to practice, the relationship of music and child development, etc.
    • I also provide a reporting system so students and parents can view the students progress online.  This includes audio recordings that can be downloaded and kept for keepsake.    
    • I don't just teach drums to my students, but I have an enthusiasm for life and music and I help them learn values such as hard work, faith in their ability to achieve their goals, respect for others, confidence, and a love for drumming! :-)

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    Check here to see what my students and their parents think of me! 

    Student Recital!

    I do two recitals a year with my students and I have posted videos and photos of some of those past events.

    Benifits of Music  

    Kids score higher on SATs when exposed to learning music!

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     Who Am I   

    Check out my bio to learn of my education, teaching, and performing experience.