Make it easier for students to get to the content they need by using bookmarks in Chrome. Bookmarks allow users to manage websites and web resources they want to revisit, using the Google Chrome browser.

Find your bookmarks

If you cannot remember where you filed that one bookmark, search for it directly from the address bar. Type the name of the bookmark and look for the icon next to the results that appear, which indicates matches from your bookmarks.

You can also see all your bookmarks in 3 places:

  1. Bookmarks: Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar and select Bookmarks.
  2. Bookmarks Bar: The bar is docked under your address bar by default for easy access; you can find it by opening a new tab, press Ctrl+Shift+B (Windows® and Linux®); ⌘-Shift-B (Mac®) to toggle the display.
  3. Bookmark Manager: The Bookmark Manager makes it easy for you to organize bookmarks; click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar and go to Bookmarks > Bookmarks Manager. You can also find the Bookmark Manager by typing chrome://bookmarks in the Omnibox.