Scenario 2010-11

2010-2011 Ben Franklin Inn of Court


Franklin Innovations, Inc. is a leasing “solutions” company. Franklin’s CEO, Ben, is aggressive and a consummate deal maker. The company provides consulting services to a wide range of clients – from biotech companies to new-media start-ups. Basically, companies come to FII (pronounced “F2”) looking for a solution to a problem, and FII tries to give them that solution.

Since its founding, FII has been paid on some of its projects by taking an ownership interest in any patents that issue from its work. If the patents were asserted against other competitors in litigation, FII had a share in any damages recovered from the competitor. FII often participated in these litigations, producing documents such as prior licenses to help establish the value of the patents in suit.

Recently, some of FII’s consulting business has centered on business method patents for small start-up companies. Given the global economic collapse, FII has seen a marked increase in the number of these start-ups, whose primary (if not only) asset is their intellectual property portfolio.

One of FII’s clients is AT&Q communications. They focus on selling services to customers of AT&T Mobile to help them better enhance their mobile phone experience. Recently, FII and AT&Q worked together to develop a novel and unique way of holding a iPhone to eliminate loss of signal issues. In their advertisements, AT&Q promoted their solution as the Apple Grip™ because the shape one’s hand makes when holding the phone resembles an apple. FII and AT&Q are planning to patent this holding method.

FII is planning to go public this year. To prepare itself, it wants to firm up its patent portfolio (especially with Asian and European Patents) and provide guidance to potential investors of its future business prospects.

Franklin Innovations, Inc. is in for an exciting year they grapple with a variety of IP and business issues that arise.

The meetings will be presented by pupilage teams in the form of vignettes which will introduce additional relevant fact/issues. The meetings are very interactive as the audience will discuss the issues raised and possible solutions.

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