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(aka: Wacky/Silly Tennis)

Description:  As the name suggests, one might guess VolleyTennis is sort of a combination of Volleyball and Tennis.  It is also known as Wacky/Silly Tennis, also appropriately named!  8-)

It is played on a Tennis court and most standard Tennis rules apply -- use discretion otherwise... we haven't played this one in years! 8-)

Basically, it's Tennis, but the players on each side have a total of three Tennis ball hits before the ball must be returned over the net.  Therefore, the same elements/strategies of Volleyball apply, like setup-spike, slam return (stuff?), etc.

Goal:  The first team with 15 points, leading by 2, wins.

Teams:  We suggest 3 people per side: 2 back & 1 net.  We've never tried playing with more, but from our experience, we think it might be very dangerous to do so!  8-)

Play & Scoring:  The play & scoring is more similar to Volleyball than Tennis.

• Teams volley for the opening serve of a match/game.

• Teams rotate for serve as in Volleyball.

 - (variant) Star Spiker: 2 back players rotate, 1 net player remains.

• Teams can only score when they are serving.  A team loses the serve when they double fault, or fail to score on a volley.

• A team scores 1 point for each successful volley.

• The player serving may serve into either service box on the opponent's side.

• The receiving net player may spike the serve, without the ball landing into a service box.

... that's should be most of it, but once we play again (hopefully soon) we'll be tweaking as needed!

Have a BLAST -- we surely always did!  8-)

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