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Extreme Bocce

Extreme Bocce

Extreme Bocce is a variant on the ancient game of Bocce Ball, using standard Bocce balls.  However, Extreme Bocce is played on a "court" specified by the players -- that's right, play anywhere you want!

We generally play with up to 4 players, using 2 bocce balls each.  However, it is possible to play with 8 players per bocce ball set, providing the set allows for unique ball markings.  Also, it is possible to combine multiple bocce ball sets, so that up to 8 (or more) players can use 2 balls each.

With regard to simplicity and handicap, we've adjusted the traditional rules for scoring and throw order.  Traditional scoring and turn order can surely be substituted if desired (, but it's much more work than necessary when you're enjoying libations in the sun!  8-)

One randomly chosen player throws the boccino within the specified playing area (boccino, aka: jack, pallino, or "little ball" -- we lost the boccino from my set so i've substituted it with a golf ball which works pretty well).  The same player then throws one of his bocce balls, in attempts to target the boccino.  For the remainder of the first round, players follow accordingly in any random or agreeable order of turn.

After all throws are made, score 2 points to the player whose bocce is closest to the boccino, and score 1 point to the player whose bocce is second closest to the boccino.  It is possible for one player to score all 3 points.  When it is too close to call even with a measuring device, the two players can hold a two-way throw-off.

At the end of the scoring tally, each player shouts out his score.  This is especially helpful for aiding the players in keeping track of their scores throughout the game -- while no doubt also in mid-libation! -- but it is also helpful in ridiculing the players who still have ZERO!  8-)

The person who last scored the 2 point will throw the boccino first on the following round; the player who last scored the 1 point will follow.  The remaining players' turn order is determined by high score; for tied scores, we suggest determining order via Rock-Paper-Scissors.

We suggest playing to 11 points, to allow for more frequent and shorter games.  However, those who enjoy dragging out a game might try 15; the real game draggers can try 21.  Players that happen to tie for victory may either claim a shared victory, or elect for a sudden death overtime throw-off between them.

Happy Bocce!

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