Infinity Role Playing Systeminfinity is an advanced, yet relatively simple and concise open ended RPS (Role Playing System) designed with the intent to be used with nearly any world or genre.  infinity is currently going through a major rewrite to maximize game play flow while maintaining a healthy balance with realism, and therefore the guide draft has many incomplete sections.  We are currently play testing infinity, focusing on various recent improvements as well as other aspects of this open ended system.  Check it out – we'd love to hear your feedback!

Nuclear RISK - Nuclear RISK is a cool variant on the original game RISK™ by Parker Brothers, adding spice to one of the most popular board games in history by incorporating NUKES!  Nuclear RISK adds a whole new dimension to regular RISK™ gameplay. Nuclear RISK™ allows for players to purchase offensive and devensive nuclear weapons to lay waste to unsuspecting opponents' army stockpiles, and/or help secure their strategic position.

Lord of the Rings RISK Tweaks - Rules tweaks for Lord of the Rings RISK which improve the game greatly.

RISK 2210 Quick Reference & Tweaks - A quick reference rule sheet for an Avalon Hill RISK game, including some of our "house" tweaks.

Magic the Gathering Variants - Various game variants for Magic the Gathering by Wizards of the Coast, including Random Magic & Dice Magic!

Extreme Bocce - An excellent variant on a popular ancient game.  Play just about anywhere with 2+ players, limited only by the number of unique bocce ball pairs.

VolleyTennisAs the name suggests, VolleyTennis is sort of a combination of Volleyball and Tennis.  It is also known as Wacky/Silly-Tennis, also appropriately named!  8-)

Oh Hell Score Sheet - This is our score sheet for the most addicting card game we've ever played! We prefer the "Get Fred" variant, beginning and ending with 8 cards (for detailed Oh Hell rules, visit:

Smokin' Gun Target - A target design which began as general foolishness, but has over time transformed into version 5 which seems to be fairly well perfected as a great target for the range.

Smokingames creations (a parter in game design and development):

Chessgammon™ - It's sort of what it sounds like — a combination of Chess & Backgammon! It's a completely new twist on the game of Backgammon, adding a new dimensional element of strategy using Chess pieces with unique special abilities! Visit for more info.