infinityGAMES is a group of gamers creating games, as well as variants and tweaks for other games, on a gamer's budget -- FREE!

Without getting too ambitious, infinityGAMES plans to continue improving our creations, and brainstorm about new game ideas as well as variants and tweaks for other games.

The idea for infinityGAMES began with the creation of infinity RPS, an advanced, yet relatively simple and concise open ended RPS (Role Playing System) designed with the intent to be used with nearly any world or genre.  infinity is currently going through a major overhaul to maximize game play flow while maintaining a healthy balance of realism.  We will be play testing infinity over the coming months and hope to have this new version published soon!

Check out our creations & happy gaming!

infinity RPS (Role Playing System — draft)
Nuclear RISK (Variant for Parker Brothers RISK™)
Lord of the Rings LOTR RISK™ Rules Tweaks
RISK 2210 Quick Reference & Tweaks
Magic the Gathering™ Game Variants
Extreme BocceVolleyTennis (aka: Wacky/Silly-Tennis)
Oh Hell Card Game Score Sheet

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Infinity Games Legal Disclaimer:
All Infinity Games creations are to be used free of charge, but may not be sold or published.
To avoid any legal issues, Infinity Games assumes no claim or connection regarding references of game titles and/or manufacturers wherever mentioned throughout this web site and/or throughout Infinity Games' creations.  Infinity Games assumes no responsibility to include mention of credit for game titles/manufacturers/owners in our creations, as Infinity Games is not required by law to advertise for other game manufacturers and does not charge for its creations.