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Lord of the Rings RISK Tweaks



• Alliance/Team Game: deal 16 good territories to good players, 16 to evil, and 4 neutral to each player; then each player places 1 battalion in order of turn play for the rest of the unoccupied territories.

•  Alliance/Team Game: Good always goes first and gets to swap 1 initial territory placement between good allies (game balancing).

• Initial placement limit:  5 battalions per territory.

Player Turn

• No battalion collection on first turn.  (alternate:  Each player collects only 3 battalions on first turn.)


• Each battalion can move to one adjacent territory.

• Clarification:  During redeployment, if a leader moves to complete a mission, he must end his movement.

• Alliance/Team Game:  Allies cannot attack one another.  A player may move battalions in excess of those in his ally's leaderless territory, causing their 'retreat' to an adjacent territory of like color; otherwise, his ally's armies will be converted to his color.  Converted battalions cannot move after conversion.

Victory Conditions

• Regions and territories do not count towards victory points - only adventure cards played and strongholds count toward victory points.

• OPTIONAL Secret Stronghold:  Players secretly pick one stronghold which yields double victory points (4) at the end of the game; selection is done after initial random card region allocation is completed.  Alliance Game: each side selects one secret stronghold.


• If a player plays no Adventure cards on his turn, he may choose to discard and draw 1 Adventure card at the beginning of the card drawing phase of his turn.

• If a player draws a "play immediately" Adventure card that in NO WAY benefits him (if any debate, flip a coin), its effect happens, then he may draw another Adventure card.

• The "Appoint a Second Leader" Adventure card can be held in hand for use at the END of a future turn.

• Any cards that are territory specific in regards to a "roll dice" for ring movement, can be used for any dice roll location.

• Due to common RISK Redeployment, "Move By Night" allows 3 battalions to redeploy twice in one turn.

• Clarification:  Receive 2 extra armies in owned territory cards used in set turn in (Dave couldn't find this in the rules on 8/1/07).

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