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Risk 2210 QR

RISK 2210

Quick Reference & Tweaks


Determine Devastated Territories

Using the LAND Territory Card deck, randomly determine the 4 NUKED Territories.

Determine Player Starting Army

3 Players ~ 35 MODs

4 Players ~ 30 MODs

5 Players ~ 25 MODs

Determine Initial Territory Placement

1. Players Randomize half of the LAND Territories (round down).

2. Players roll 1d6; assign Turn Order chits for order of placement, highest roll initiative.

3. Players place 1 Starting Army MOD in turn order until all LAND Territories are occupied.

4. Players place 3 Starting Army MODs in turn order, distributed at will, in any friendly LAND Territories.

5. Players place 1 Space Station, Land Commander, and Diplomat Commander.

Distribute Starting Energy (e)

3e per player

Start of a Year

Bid for Turn Order

Turn Phase Overview

1. Collect & Deploy MODs and Energy

 - 1MOD & 1e per 3 territories; 1MOD & 1e per Space Station (MOD~SS)

2. Hire (3e) & Place Commanders and Build Space Stations (5e)

3. Buy Command Cards (1e)

4. Play Command Cards

5. Invade Territories - once per turn, invade 3 contested Territories awards 1e & 1Card

6. Fortify Position - each MOD may move one Territory (card note 1).

Commanders - ALL Defend d8

Diplomat d6 Invade

Land: d8 invade from or into a LAND Territory

Naval: d8 invade from or into a WATER Territory

Space: d8 invade from or into a LUNAR Territory

Nuclear: d8 invade ALWAYS

Space Station Defense

All units in a Territory with a Space Station defend with d8.

Card Notes

note 1: Diplomat Redeployment - take an extra Fortify Position phase OR may move units from one Territory to any linked Territory.

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