The Potato Project

Evangelical Lutheran Church In America
    Northeastern PA Synod Assembly
       June 18-19, 2010
       Witness & Service Team Report
        - Guest Speaker; Linda Zawaski, Diaconal Minister

Good Morning,

When the Witness and Service Team requested a short presentation about The Potato Project, my husband and I were humbly honored.

When my husband first shared his idea with me, we shared many questions and thoughts around the project and how it might be done. Through all of our words, I sensed a strong desire & calling in my husband’s heart and mind and we both sensed a need at some point for us to just step out in faith. The road ahead for the project definitely seemed like a long and winding one and we couldn’t see beyond the first curve! 

Diakonia is a ministry of word and service. For us The Word was definitely shared as The Word with each other and many who came as they were able, to answer the call this project placed in their hearts. Their help got us past the bends and curves along the road of this project.

We were regailed and inquired by many as to the continuation of the project in 2010, which was in doubt.  Then the Divine Wind blew Rev. Paul Hansen up our driveway with a possibility of offering more acreage to the project. With the help of a grant from the N.E. PA. Synod, Witness and Service Team, the continuation of this project was made feasible.

Diakonia is a ministry of word and service – and so The Word was definitely heard and shared as The Word, and also as an EXPERIENCE, to work side by side, generation to generation, in the most basic of ways. Helping provide the most basic of human necessities was collectively inspiring and…. just plain fun!

The amount of food that was able to reach food pantries surrounding our location because of the numbers of volunteers was astounding – from a little over one acre we delivered over 7,733 ponds, over 1,400 +5 pound bags of potatoes, which touched a lot of families in need.

And so, our thanks to The Witness And Service Team, the N.E. Penn. Synod, and many of you who came out last year, and those many who will come out this year – we’ll need even more help this year harvesting, packaging and distributing these potatoes to food banks and neighbors in need in your communities – there’s 6 acres this year!

Our thanks to you and to God Be The Praise And Glory.



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