> What to Bring

Digging Potatoes Today, We Use

Modern Circa 1900 Manual Drive Potato Digger

If we use this...no hand tools need be brought along.

We will not need hand tools, if we do not break down,

and we have no intention, to break down...

Circa 1940s IH Powered Digger working in the Raudenbush Plot 2011


    • You and friends,
    • Empty vehicle able to transport food pantry 5# Bagged Taters if you're doing that,
    • Gloves,
    • Hat, - NO NY YANKEES Baseball CAPS -
    • Bug spray,
    • Appropriate weather layered clothing that you will get dirty,
    • Sun glasses,
    • Tough enough shoe wear,
    • Sun Screen, sun block if you're dainty,
    • Assortment of personal refreshment might be nice,
    • Plastic bags for your dirty shoes in the car.
    • What else...?