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IHartHarvest, Inc.

The Potato Project

Lilienthal .68A Plot. Completed Bishop's Harvest

Unique ministry outreach addresses local hunger issues

An estimated 30 million Americans, including elderly people and children, go to bed hungry each night or not knowing when their next meal will be. One in six people in our local community. So, what can you do about it...?

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! The 2011 & 12 HARVESTS COMPLETED !

1/4/2012: We doubled the 2010 Acres in 2011 to 13.2. In struggle we completed the harvest, started July 22 on a sunny day with 103 degree heat, in the 3rd week of October. The expenses, for 2011 season at least, were covered with great joy. Together we harvested 80,286 pounds, 77,165 in potatoes, and Crookneck Squash, wholesale valued @ $52,185.90 ! That's two tractor trailer loads of fresh food for neighbos in need, distributed to local food pantries and The Greater Berks Food Bank.

The 2012 Season; we planted 10.68 Acres of Potatoes, and 9.42 acres of field corn. We could have used about 10 more acres of corn ground this year into the program, towards our target of 30 acres total. Regular Potato Harvest Sessions began September 1. We harvested just over 49,000 pounds touching around 4,400 families, in difficult growing conditions for 2012. Well done every one!

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2013 is our 5th Season!

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