For Sale

1. Farmall Cub - Disc Harrow    SOLD

5. '54 Ferguson TO-30 Tractor    3/19/2012 - Parting Out

7. Ferguson TO-35 Deluxe Tractor        7/11/2014

   Additional Stuff

IHartHarvest, Inc. - The Potato Project
Walt Zawaski
1892 Moselem Springs Road
Route 662 West
Hamburg, PA 19526

484-648-0381, ET USA
6. Ear Corn - 2017 Cob Corn Crop is For Sale.   

 IHartHarvest - The Potato Project, will be growing some acres of seed corn to help support The Potato Project for our neighbors in need. Price will be established based on a SPOT rate, projection of $4.50/bu. If you would like to reserve any, let us know. It would be good for us to reserve the corn and pre-sell, we'll be having about 40 Acres. Combined or Picked, your choice in advance.