I Ching Resources

Each page in this section features a different I Ching Resource which I made use of whilst putting to together the I Ching Reading's Journal.  I have included them here because there is a good chance that they will be of interest and use to somebody who uses the journal for the reasons explained on each individual page.

Online Clarity - A review of Hilary Barrett's Online Clarity website and Advanced I Ching Correspondence Course, which I found a really helpful and fascinating approach to the I Ching.
Yijing Dao - Information about Steve Marshall's I Ching website which has a full transcription of the Zhouyi and a lot more.  Has a great beginners Guide to the I Ching of interest to all. 
Yijing, Word by Word - Information about Bradford Hatcher's brilliant two volume translation and commentary of the I Ching.  A great resource for understanding the original Chinese.  
I Ching - Legge Translation - Links to an online version of the Legge's translation of the I Ching.  Includes all Hexagram Statements, Lines,  Wings and Commentary.  Everything.
Yi Jing, Book of Sun and Moon, by LiSe - Information about LiSe's facinating and beautiful site about the I Ching with word by word translation, commentaries and artwork.