Can we walk along the path together to a completely different paradigm, where love is the background vibration as opposed to the background of fear that brought you here? Love and Fear are the extremes of every human emotion, so here we try to avoid fear by gaining knowledge. We are never afraid of things we understand. Only things we don't fully understand can create fear, so by increasing our understanding we can reduce our fear.

Paradigm change within our grasp

This How to change paradigm website hopes to help you by:-

Firstly providing a deeper understanding of the physical world including the human body, by revealing myths that many people have been labouring under.

Secondly by teaching how to control the mind so that it becomes a tool instead of a master.

Thirdly understanding the role of spirit,

and fourthly providing some alternative visions of how things could be when more people have moved away from fear and towards love, and are experiencing the incoming paradigm in the here-and-now mode.

We gradually discover that we are capable of much more than we ever believed. All that we needed was knowledge that vibrates in tune with us. With this help, our confidence increases and we gain the ability to journey onwards to greater things.

As we proceed along our separate paths, we try to avoid those stupid things that used to happen mindlessly before we ever knew there was a path. As a result of avoidance of whatever we know is wrong, we are able to increase our vibrations above the original rough, coarse, shaky prototype to lighter more subtle sensations where we can detect things that we never before knew were there.
Quiet sounds are never heard at rock concerts. The ego provides obstacles on our path towards enlightenment, and by understanding our own ego, we can remove these obstacles and proceed unencumbered. Our ego is our own self-manufactured prison.

The ability to move past the ego and to recognise that we have constructed something unreal inside our mind is the key to opening doors to a completely different way of thinking about life. The relief from satisfying the hunger of the greedy ego releases energy which can then be used for more constructive and enjoyable activities, and when directed mindfully, this freely released energy can be utilised to work miracles.

However the process of achieving obstacle release is a lengthy one, and is best taken in stages, the first of which is to realise that the belief system on which our ego is based is almost certainly ravelled up into knots. We call this realisation Untying The Gordian Knots, and provide some examples of erroneous beliefs that the general public has adopted as a result of mind abuse from constant bombardment with untruths.

This untying of our current falsely-founded belief system is essential to provide the space and flexibility necessary to change and move forward into our new life.

Control the body and mind and let natural processes do the rest.

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How to Change Paradigm

Here you will find many concepts that you are already familiar with, but there are also many that you may have never thought about before. Just take what rings true with you here and now - the only true moment.


We are tripartite beings - body, mind and spirit.

Understanding this is fundamental to everything we think, say or do.
By examining our own mind and body through spirit, we can become our own physician.

By failing to understand or accept this, we create a blockage that will eventually result in a disease or illness if not dealt with.

Please go here for a detailed explanation

Human Body

Mastery of My Body

Many of us realise that there is  a deeper "me" upon which our body is dependent.
A deeper understanding of our body helps to pacify the body and to use it as a tool for advancement. By  listening to the body, the body can talk freely to us.

I learned a great deal about my body by studying "Hatha Yoga", a book written by Yogi Ramacharaka over 100 years ago, and available to read free here on-line or for download. From its companion book "The Science of Breath", I learned how to improve my breathing, and this created a dramatic consciousness improvement.
I learned that science has been distorted on many factors which had formed a false basis to my thinking on health and nutrition.

I was misinformed on many topics including protein, vaccination, flu, dehydration, glutomate and aspartate, and sugar and also the way my teeth were affected by fluoride and bad practices.

This learning provided some wisdom which made me feel I was on the right path, but as my thirst for knowledge remained unquenched, I dug deeper to discover more. Once I understood the theory of chakras, I improved so much in understanding how my body co-exists with my spirit and my mind. This new understanding revealed alternative ways of healing myself and others, gave me some indication of the causes of various afflictions and taught me that cancer is cureable.
To deepen and confirm my new beliefs I read Bruce Lipton's Four Beliefs Defy Modern Science, discovered oil-pulling, and studied the pros and cons of vegetarianism.

With an improved body I was more able to attend to the matters of mind and spirit, and to find the energy to dispose of my erroneous beliefs.

Untying Knots

Cutting the Gordian Knots

Untying and clearing out false assumptions

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be -  Lao Tzu 

Having already corrected my thinking in several areas related to the body, I realised that I probably had many other misconceptions. In the end I discovered that most things I believed were in fact erroneous.

Here are some of them

I watched the moon landing on TV in 1969, and thought I was watching the real thing, but it turns out I was watching a Stanley Kubrick movie. I could never have believed this if I wasn't already aware of the banking crime syndicate headed by the Rothschild Family, and the Rockefeller Family.

It was this knowledge which caused me to become involved in the investigation into the 9/11 affair in which my colleague the late Gerard Holmgren discovered the official government aircraft statistics (BTS) which showed that the two aircraft/flight numbers purported to hit the twin towers never actually took off. This of course made the entire hoax quite apparent, and once that occurred, it became possible to understand many of the ideas previously considered outlandish. Like the Faked Moon Landing. I was aided considerably in my research by the Timeline put together by Trufax

Having reached a stage where I knew that most people were living a lie without knowing it, I developed a desire to help others discover what I had learned at a much earlier age than me (at that time  50+). The beliefs that had surrounded me for so long from birth to time of leaving UK in 1990 had blocked my thinking, and created a blindfold, or box. My own self-equipped prison in which I had created an Illusion of Freedom.

Now that I had identified I was in a prison of my own making, what should I do?

human mind
Mastery of the Mind
Without doubt the book which helped most in mastering my mind was Raja Yoga, by Yogi Ramacharaka (read online here or buy here), from which I first learned to meditate and learned how to "watch myself" as if I was the watcher and the watched at the same time.
The same author's Fourteen Lessons provided a background to this different way of thinking, and hooked me completely.
About the same time, the game of Drahla (goodness) was created, and that helped to lighten the daily load, and open up to new vibrations.
I was later attracted by the Yoga of Wisdom, Gnani Yoga, and that led me on to a book which is now used in tutoring of Masters University students called Mind Power.
I started writing some short stories which were based on my thoughts at the time, called Rainbow Words because they are sorted into  the colours of chakras.  This is a work in progress.

With a desire to go deeper in meditation I came across a book called The Art of Living by William Hart, and this motivated me to spend eight days alone in a cave, and I am very grateful for that.
The healing properties of the Holy Herb cannabis are becoming more available to more people as present institutions realise that the reasons for their illegality were completely corrupt. And finally while on topics related to the mind, I must introduce The Kybalion, which explains the different layers and planes that we live in.

Human Spirit
Now that I was aware of the basic infrastructure of life, I was able to delve deeper, and so examined some of the older ideas and texts left by ascended masters.

If you gain the ability to see auras,it helps to know what the colours mean.

Also when we have practiced meditation and are able to maintain laser-sharp concentration, then we can study and practice Psychic Healing.
By this stage we will have accepted the normality of reincarnation, and all final doubts can be removed by reading Life Beyond Death. We can tone and clear our chakras by practicing The Aum, and we can check on our etiquette and behaviour by studying At The Feet Of The Master.
Those wishing to check on the authenticity of the bible will enjoy reading Mystic Christianity.

Last but not least, my own series of books called "Find Yourself" is also available here, free of charge.


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