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These pages are a condensation of things I have learned since I began my self-improvement plan about 25 years ago, and I feel that some of it may be relevant to you.

You will certainly find some pages to be controversial. Don't dwell on them too much for now. As you work your way through your favoured topics you will come across alternative points of view which will provoke you to dig deeper into your own belief system to either verify or alter it.

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Self-Help & Motivational

How to Self-actualise for Free

My search for a meaningful lifestyle led me through many adventures and discoveries, many of which may be helpful to others on a similar path, or searching for a new path, so this site is a record of the discoveries I made.

Information here helped me to connect more dots, and as a result to see a bigger and clearer picture.

A changing belief system is essential for progress, so as long as we are prepared to throw away some of our old dogmas, then progress is possible. Anything amiss in our present belief system can be the source of an entire tangle of illogic, resulting in a troublesome life, and a failure to self-actualise. So I was able to benefit from examo9ning my beielf systems, and was aided considerably by changing my residence from Europe to Asia.

Through learning and meditation I was able to go deep within myself to examine those dark corners of my belief system that I had ignored for too long. The resultant revelations and clarity of vision  provided me with a self that is hopefully kind to others and certainly capable of an enjoyable existence.

In this site there are many concepts that you will already be familiar with,
but there are also many that you may have never thought about before.
Just take the ones that ring true to you here and now - the only true moment.


We are tripartite beings - body, mind and spirit.

Understanding this is fundamental to everything we think, say or do.
By examining our own mind and body through spirit, we can become our own physician.

  Human Body

Mastery of My Body

A deeper understanding of my body helped me to pacify it and to use it as a tool for advancement.

I learned a great deal about my body by studying "Hatha Yoga", a book written by Yogi Ramacharaka over 100 years ago,

and available to read free here on-line or for download, as is it's companion book "The Science of Breath",

from which I learned the effects of breathing properly, which caused a dramatic consciousness improvement.

I learned that science had been distorted on many factors which had formed the basis of my thinking on health and nutrition.

I had a faulty understanding of protein, vaccination, flu, dehydration, glutomate and aspartate, and sugar and the way my teeth were affected by fluoride and bad practices.

This learning provided some wisdom which made me feel I was on the right path, but my thirst for knowledge remained unquenched, so I dug deeper to discover the theory of chakras, the knowledge of which helped me so much in understanding how my body co-exists with my spirit and my mind. This new understanding revealed alternative ways of healing myself and others, gave me some indication of the causes of various afflictions and taught me that cancer is cureable.

To deepen and confirm my new beliefs I read Bruce Lipton's Four Beliefs Defy Modern Science, discovered oil-pulling, and studied the pros and cons of vegetarianism.

With an improved body I was more able to attend to the matters of mind and spirit, and to find the energy to dispose of my erroneous beliefs.

Untying Knots

Untying and clearing out false assumptions

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be -  Lao Tzu 

Having already corrected my thinking in several areas related to the body, I realised that I probably had many other misconceptions. In the end I discovered that most things I believed were in fact erroneous.

Here are some of them

I watched the moon landing on TV in 1969, and thought I was watching the real thing, but it turns out I was watching a Stanley Kubrick movie. I could never have believed this if I wasn't already aware of the banking conspiracy headed by the Rothschild Family, and the Rockefeller Family.

It was this knowldge which caused me to become involved in the investigation into the 9/11 affair

Rothschild   |   Fake Moon Landing  |   Illusion of Freedom

New Age of Enlightenment Timeline   |   9/11 Hoax 

and much more

human mind
Mastery of the Mind
Drahla  ¦ Fourteen Lesson   ¦   Raja Yoga
  Gnani Yoga   ¦Mind Power    ¦   Rainbow Words
 Art of Living   ¦
  Holy Herb   ¦  Kyballion
and much more
Human Spirit

Acknowledging our Spiritual Ancestry

and much more


Vision of Life  after Self-Actualisation

Anarchism   |  Alternate Living  

  Self Government  | Deepak Chopra

and much more

 Practice what you discover here, and it will help you to self-actualise and become enlightened.
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Becoming Enlightened