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1. History

 The inception of the Tashua Knolls Senior Men's Club
began in 1977, one year after the completion of the
Tashua Knolls Golf Course.
 The idea for the formation of the organization was
developed by James J. Mulry and supported by numerous
seniors.  It was structured with a charter of by-laws and
included a governing body of officers.  In successive 
years, a board of control was added as well as the other
non golf activities currently available to members.
 The first president of the club was Anthony D'Apice who
made significant contributions to start the club on it's
successful course.  In 1977 the membership was 40 and by
1981 had risen to 100.  With the growth of Trumbull and
the efforts and imagination of numerous club officers and
members, as well as additional social functions our current 
membership exceeds 275.
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