Thank you for the following volunteers for sharing their talents and time with us for the 2022 leadership seminar.

Seminar Planning Committee

Leadership Seminar Chairwoman Courtney Meyer (2005)

Directors of Staff Katie Wiggins (2004)

Directors of Recruitment Carley Kavanaugh (2014) and Lucas Manuszak (2016)

Directors of Program Stan Gawlik and Izzy Schember (2008)

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Meegan Smith (2015)

Assistant Director of Operations Zach vanHekken (2017)


Christine Mason (2013)

Sarah McCasland (2007)

Candice Ridley

Carolynn Ritter (2017)

Meegan Smith (2015)

Melanie Ward (1995)

Junior Facilitators

Noah Manuszak (2018)

Serynn Nowlin (2019)

Ilsiia Shakirova (2019)


Medic Ty Zimerofsky (2015)

Team Alumni

Madina Mohsini (2021)

Braylond Price (2021)

Andreanna Ulery (2021)

How to join the team

Our seminar planning committee is comprised of directors and coordinators who work year-round to organize speakers and leadership building activities.

Individuals looking to become involved with the seminar may:

  • Work directly with students during the seminar to help them digest their experience on our facilitation team.

    • Junior facilitators are returning volunteers who are under the age of 21. They use their knowledge of HOBY and enthusiasm for the seminar to assist the facilitator and encourage students. Applicants are expected to fundraise $300, support the recruitment team, and complete the 100 hour service challenge.

    • Facilitators are volunteers over the age of 21 who provide safe boundaries and help students unpack their experience and relate it to their lives and ambitions.

  • Help to execute the program and facilitate the ambassador experience on our operations team.

    • Team alumni are first year volunteers and HOBY alumni who serve on the operations team while also contributing directly to students' experience as part of the facilitation team. Applicants are expected to fundraise $300, support the recruitment team, and complete the 100 hour service challenge.

    • Day volunteers and operations team members serve in a variety of roles from thanking speakers, staff and donors; running our HOBY store; and supporting event logistics.

  • Provide oversight and fundraising support on the board of directors

Tell us about your skills and we'll find a position for you! If you're ready to join our team to make an impact on today's youth, fill out the annual volunteer application.