Come to HOBY!

Each spring, 10,000 high school sophomores from across the country attend one of HOBY’s 70 state leadership seminars to recognize their leadership talents and apply them to become effective, ethical leaders in their home, school, workplace and community.

Here's what attendees said about their experience:

“I learned what a leader truly is, and I learned how to do group work better. I bonded quicker today than I ever have before.”

“By respecting and listening to other people's ideas we can all come together as one united front.”

“Synergy is important with group leadership in that a positive energy must be radiated in which all ideas are heard.”

“Leadership isn't about a race to the top, it's about collaboration and being inclusive.”

“I learned how to work with groups of people in a positive effective way.”

“Everyone has different backgrounds but we can work together the make the world better.”

The 2021 leadership seminar takes place virtually from June 12–13.

Registering a student

Sophomore students interested in attending should visit their counselors. Schools often use teacher nominations or essay contests to select their student representative(s). School administrators or counselors then login to our online registration system with their HOBY school ID and password to register the selected student(s) online and submit their registration fees. Peruse the sophomore registration kit.

Community nominations

HOBY also has a community nomination program that allows families and partner organizations to register outstanding students. Here's how it works:

  • Identify outstanding nominees: Traits indicating leadership potential include outstanding communication, critical thinking, creative problem solving, strong decision-making skills, sensitivity to others, charisma, courage to speak up, interest in service.

  • Submit a nomination: Use the form on the HOBY International website.

  • Once accepted, make payment: Ideally the parent/guardian of the student, or a representative of a sponsoring community organization submits the nomination; the nominator is responsible for the $395 registration fee.